From ASF to Mycotoxins: New Products May Help Pig Farmers

New products and technology are hitting the shelves that may help solve some of the challenges pig farmers are facing.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s African Swine Fever Virus Workflow Helps Limit Disease Spread 
Thermo Fisher Scientific announced that the China Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center (Agricultural and Rural Department Slaughter Technology Center) has approved its real-time PCR-based workflow to detect and monitor the spread of African swine fever (ASF). 

The PCR method is the preferred detection technology now in use for the ASF outbreak currently affecting China, a company release said. In the absence of vaccines, monitoring and control of ASF by diagnostic methods are crucial components of a control program. 

“PCR-based diagnostic testing is designed to identify the virus by detecting its DNA, rather than antibodies that are generated against it, allowing earlier detection of the virus compared to other diagnostic methods,” the release said.

Thermo Fisher’s ASF detection real-time PCR workflow passed the center’s performance and validation assessment protocol. China Animal Husbandry Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s distributor partner, submitted the sample to answer workflow for ASF virus detection with components that included Applied Biosystems MagMAX CORE nucleic acid extraction kits and QuantStudio PCR instruments, which contributed to the successful validation, the release said.

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Brook-Lytes Provides Buffered Electrolytes for Swine
Brookside Agra has expanded its animal health and nutrition product line to include Brook-Lytes -- a non-medicated, pH-buffered electrolyte for pigs of all stages and environments. 

When added to drinking water, Brook-Lytes draws pigs to drink with its highly palatable formula and unique aromatic flavor to keep them hydrated and fortified with essential nutrients. A company release said Brook-Lytes is especially useful during times of stress or loss as it replaces fluids, electrolytes and elements lost to metabolism and stressful situations such as weaning, climate change and disease. 

The pH buffering ability of Brook-Lytes maintains a healthy digestive system by lowering the pH of the gut to encourage efficient digestion and reduce negative bacteria in the pig's system. Plus, it only costs cents a day to use. 

Made in the U.S.A., Brook-Lytes can also be mixed with medicines in water to help mask the bitterness of the medicine taste. Brook-Lytes has no use restrictions or withdrawal symptoms associated with stoppage. 

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All-Natural FloBond Protects Feed Grains from Deadly Mycotoxins 
Mycotoxins can have a devastating effect on poultry, livestock and swine production. During wet years, the possibility of mycotoxins from mold and fungi growth in grain products and storage bins is even greater. Brookside Agra offers a new solution, all-natural FloBond, to protecting animals from the threat of mycotoxins.

FloBond, a 100% organic-certified binder and anti-caking agent, is proven in multiple laboratory studies and field trials to bind with the mycotoxin to form a larger particle that is unable to pass through an animal's gut wall, according to a company release. Instead, the larger particle is safely secreted from the animal's body through its feces. FloBond does not affect the feed's vitamins, minerals, nutrients or flavors.

Mycotoxins, toxic substances produced by mold and fungi, occur in most feed grains including corn, wheat, oats, soybeans, sorghum, cottonseed, rye and rice. When consumed by poultry, livestock, fish and pets, mycotoxins can cause cancer, liver and kidney problems, infertility, growth rate reduction and other problems that affect animal performance and profitability. 

FloBond comes in easy-to-use powdered and granulated formulas that work with standard mixing equipment to blend with regular feed. For more information about FloBond, visit

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