Animal Rights Protesters Target Pilgrim’s Pride Pork Plant

( Pilgrim's Pride )

A Pilgrim’s Pride’s pork plant in the United Kingdom has been targeted by a climate and animal rights group that blames livestock farming as the cause of pandemics and climate change, reports The Grocer.

On Monday around 4 a.m., four protestors from Animal Rebellion entered the packing plant in Ashton-Under-Lyne. Meanwhile, another set of activists blockaded the site entrance, the article said.

According to the protestors, slaughterhouse workers have been forced into horrendous conditions and have no choice but to continue working during the pandemic.

The activist group demanded that the government outlaws all animal farming, introduces a “sustainable plant-based food system” and better protects meat factory workers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police arrested six people on suspicion of aggravated trespassing, The Grocer reports. 

Pilgrim’s Pride said some of its operations had been affected by the activists, the article said. 

“While [the protesters] are an inconvenience to operations, our main concern is ensuring the welfare of the animals in our care and the safety of our people, as well as the protestors who are putting their own safety at risk,” said a spokesman for the meat company in The Grocer.

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