Animal Rights Activism: You Need to Protect Your Farm

( National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff )

As recent news shows, animal rights activists haven’t halted their campaigns just because of a global pandemic. During this unprecedented time, it’s more important than ever to have a plan in place to protect your farm. Use the following articles to help solidify your strategy. 

4 Ways You Can Protect Your Farm from Activists

Animal rights activism ranked as the number one challenge for the future of the pork industry, according to a 2019 Farm Journal survey. Here are four ways you can protect your farm from animal activists.

Protect Yourself from Online Activism

This spring has brought many unexpected challenges as the world reacts to the spread of COVID-19. In addition, animal agriculture also has to prepare for an additional challenge: a rise in online animal rights activism.

When Animal Activists Strike: Stay Grounded in Your Convictions

How do you respond to misinformation and attacks on animal agriculture? And how do you respond when those attacks are targeted at you?

Animal Rights Activists: Watch for the Signs

Animal rights activists continue to threaten animal agriculture. What can you do to protect your farm?