Analyst to Livestock Producers: “Get Your Feed Locked In”

Looking at the Feed Markets 090319

Clinton Griffiths, host of AgDay, talks with Chip Flory, host of AgriTalk and a Farm Journal economist about the livestock market. Should livestock producers act on these corn prices?

“Get your feed locked in because the risk I think on corn from this point forward, there’s more upside risk than there is downside potential for the guys that are buying feed,” said Flory. “[For the] soybean meal, [it’s the] same kind of story.”

Flory says Brazil is close to being out of soybeans right now. He says if China is going to import any soybeans between now and February, Flory believes the country will have to come to the U.S. to get it.

“Get your costs locked in and let’s go forward and make some money on cattle and hogs,” said Flory.

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