Alltech to Recognize Leaders Putting the Power of Agriculture to Work

Source: Alltech

Despite gloomy headlines, agriculture is uniquely positioned to address some of our world’s most challenging issues, including food insecurity, malnutrition, pollution of air, water and land, climate change, inequality and energy

During the ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, however, Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, shared Alltech’s new vision of “Working Together for a Planet of Plenty, a company release said.

To inspire a collaborative spirit and foster ingenuity, Alltech will be sharing the compelling stories of the people and technologies making a Planet of Plenty possible. Alltech has also created an award program to honor those who are already making positive contributions through their work, either in or with the agri-food sector, the release said.

The Planet of Plenty Awards will recognize individuals who are furthering a world of abundance through education, talent development, nutritional and digital technologies, new management practices, innovative ideas and human health within the agri-food sector. The eight award categories include: farmer, student, educator, journalist, nonprofit, community, business and startup.

“Our own journey may be unique, but if we work together, our destination can be the same: A Planet of Plenty in which there is enough nutritious food for all, the world’s resources are responsibly managed for future generations, and our people, animals and plants thrive,” Lyons said. 

Awards recipients will be profiled via video and blog or podcast. Each winner will also receive a trip for two to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE2020), held in Lexington, Ky., on May 17–19, 2020, and will be honored on the conference mainstage. The Planet of Plenty Awards nomination form is available online and is open until July 3. 

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