Alltech ONE19 Explores Global Issues in Agriculture

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ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE19), held May 19–21 in Lexington, Kentucky, will bring together producers and industry experts from around the world to share insights and solutions to today’s most pressing issues within the global agriculture industry. Everyday heroes united by the search for inspiration, motivation and ONE meaningful idea are invited to explore over 60 topics slated for discussion.
Agriculture focus sessions include topics such as*:
•    Beef's Carbon Footprint: Setting the Record Straight
•    The Future of Antibiotics: Will the Consumer be King?
•    The Secret Weapon to Better Calves
•    Alternative Meats vs. All Beef: Who's Really More Environmentally Friendly?

•    Get Tech Savvy on Your Dairy
•    Global Milk Dynamics: From Demand to Delivery
•    Get More From Your Milk: Value-Added Products
•    Cream of the Crop: Genomic Selection

•    Health and Housing for Modern Poultry Producers
•    Building a Finer Flock: Improving Hatchling Quality
•    Food Safety and the Need for Improved Pathogen Control
•    Eggciting Times Ahead: Innovations in Poultry Production

•    Fever Fears: Keeping ASF at Bay
•    Healthy Beginnings: A Focus on Gut Health
•    Generational Shift: Stay Ahead of the Curve
•    Mineral Matters: Reducing Our Environmental Impact

•    SalmoSim: Building a Salmon Gut From Scratch
•    New Diets, New Solutions
•    There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea...Right?
•    RAS Systems: The Perfect Environment for Fish

Crop Science:
•    The Ins and Outs of Bio-Controls
•    Growing Forward: Digital Disruptions
•    Lead the Way: Bio-Control Integration
•    Zero Gravity Agriculture
*Topics subject to change as the schedule evolves. 

Other focus sessions include business, the future of food, brewing and distilling, and lifestyle sessions focused on pet, equine, and health and wellness. 

Keynote speakers who will anchor plenary sessions include Bear Grylls and Chris Zook.

Bear Grylls, one of the most recognized faces of survival and outdoor adventure, will take the ONE19 mainstage. Grylls starred in seven seasons of the Discovery Channel’s Emmy Award-nominated “Man vs. Wild” television series, which became one of the most watched shows on the planet. The BAFTA award-winning host trained in martial arts from a young age, and his survival skills were later perfected during his service in the 21 Special Air Service Regiment. When a free-fall parachuting accident left him with a broken back, Grylls’ grit and determination guided his long recovery. He went on to become one of the youngest people to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Joining the lineup is Chris Zook, best-selling author of books on leadership and business strategy and an advisory partner at the renowned consulting firm Bain & Company. Zook specializes in guiding companies to find new sources of profitable growth and renew themselves internally to become more adaptive and entrepreneurial.

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