AgriTalk: How Red Meat Exports Impact Corn’s Value

( AgriTalk )

Today on AgriTalk, Dr. Gary Schnitkey of the University of Illinois, Dave Juday of WPI, and Ben Gleason of 4R Plus.


Dr. Gary Schnitkey, professor and farm management specialist at the University of Illinois, shares the benefits of using PLC over ARC based on the current price environment in regards to the new farm bill that will be signed by President Trump Thursday afternoon. He also talks about base acres and the opportunity to update yields.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation received support from the National Corn Growers Association set up a study conducted by World Perspectives, Inc. (WPI) on the impact of red meat exports on the value of a bushel of corn in the Midwest. Dave Juday, senior analyst for WPI, talks about how DDGs are incorporated into the findings.

Ben Gleason, sustainable program manager of 4R Plus, talks about improving soil health and water quality while improving crop productivity. Recently, they released a set of video for farmers to make better conservation and nutrient stewardship decisions.