AgriTalk ATB: Meteorologist Sees August Heat Risk

AgriTalk After the Bell
( AgriTalk After the Bell )

Ed Vallee of Vallee Weather Consulting joined host Chip Flory on Wednesday’s AgriTalk After the Bell to provide his outlook for upcoming weather patterns.

Vallee is on board with the cooler temperatures and more-southern storm path (Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri) from now into the first few days of August.

“Starting about August 5, it looks like the heat is coming back into the Midwest. I’m not calling for the type of heat we saw back in early July, but temperatures look to be above-average from August 5 into the end of the month across most of the middle of the country,” said Vallee.

Vallee also said the hot and dry pattern in Germany and northern France is likely to continue as a ridge continues to hold the storm track to the north, keeping the stress on the developing European wheat crop.