AgriTalk After The Bell: Warm Weather in Store for Growing Season

AgriTalk After The Bell May 8 2018
AgriTalk After the Bell
( AgriTalk After the Bell ) meteorologists Michael Clark and Kirk Hinz appeared on Tuesday’s AgriTalk After the Bell with Chip Flory.

Hinz says current trends in South America appear to be locked in place for the next week with above-normal rain (3 to 4 times normal) in Argentina with below normal rains (even for the dry season) in Brazil.

“Some of those spots in Brazil’s corn region have gone 45 days without rain,” said Hinz.

For this summer in the U.S., Clark says the pace of transition in the ENSO phase is suggesting a warmer and drier growing season for areas of the western Corn Belt, primarily Nebraska and Kansas with Missiouri and southern Iowa also in the risk area.

Northern Iowa and Northern Illinois may stay on the wet-side of normal as rains track the northern edge of a ridge. But, “We’re sticking with the idea we’ll see a warm summer with areas of drought in the Corn Belt,” said Clark.



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