AgriTalk After The Bell: An “Historic” Weather Pattern

AgriTalk After The Bell April 16 2018
AgriTalk After the Bell
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April 2018 will be at least one of the 20th coldest Aprils since 1895 – it has a good chance of being one of the five coldest – and it could end up being the coldest in the last 124 years. That’s according to Mike Tannura from T-Storm Weather. Tannura told AgriTalk After the Bell Host Chip Flory that, statistically, it’s difficult to anticipate a major departure from normal conditions for the growing season based on the cold temperatures in April.

Asked about the potential to jump straight from “winter” to “summer” (with warmer-than-normal temps in May), Tannura told Flory there is a tendancy for May to be “mild” with some warmer-than-normal temps following a cold April. However, Tannura did say there are exceptions. He explained the five coldest Aprils on record were followed by cool, but not cold, Mays. Since there are high odds that April 2018 will displace one of the current “top-5 coldest Aprils” in the past 124 years, Tannura says odds are May will see close to normal conditions. He also told Flory, again – based on statitistical analysis – there’s currently no “red flags” to raise for the 2018 growing season.