AgriTalk: 36-Month Visa Could Be “Very Beneficial” For Agriculture

( AgriTalk )

Can an immigration bill be passed in July?
In June, the House of Representatives worked to get one of two immigration bills passed but both fell short. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) isn’t sure if anyone will have the “political desire” to get something worked on and passed in July.

H2A, H2C Visas and the impact on Titan Farms
Chalmers Carr, owner, president and CEO of Titan Farms in Spring Ridge, South Carolina, has problems finding American labor and needs to bring workers to his operation. One of those ways is through the H2A guest worker visa program. He shares his struggles with the aging labor force and how the H2C program would be “very beneficial” to farmers as it allows for a 36 month visa for agricultural workers.

Land stewardship
Pest Elimination Strategies and Tactics (PEST) Week is sponsored by the Soy Checkoff on pesticide stewardship so any use of herbicides or pesticides won’t have adverse effects next season. Tom Oswald, a farmer-lender for the United Soybean Board, talks about the initiative with guest host Clinton Griffiths.

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