After FFA Show Pigs Die in Fire, Producers Rally to Help

A fire Nov. 18 destroyed a barn in Perry, Geo., and killed 55 show pigs that were part of the Perry Future Farmers of America program, stated an article in the Miami Herald.

According to Perry Fire Chief Lee Parker, the fire department was called at 12:45 a.m. on Nov. 16. Although fire trucks were on the scene within about 4 minutes, the barn was a complete loss and the animals perished, Parker said in an interview.

“By then, there was nothing they could have done,” Parker said, though he’s thankful for community support. He thought the fire may have been caused by heat lamps that fell, but the fire is still under investigation.

Perry Fire Chief Lee Parker talks about fire that destroyed Perry FFA Ag Barn, killing 55 show pigs.

This photo from The Telegraph shows the devastation of the pig barn.

Farmers Come to the Rescue
Farmers and producers from south Georgia, Indiana, North Dakota and Mississippi are giving pigs to the Perry FFA, adviser Phil Gentry said in the article. The first group of pigs arrived last Friday, and the club will have 65 show pigs after all the donations come in.

“We’re not sure where all they came from,” Gentry was quoted as saying. “Some are just folks who heard about our plight and wanted to donate some show pigs.”

Gentry told The Telegraph of Macon that as of Nov. 26, pigs had been donated by farmers and producers from south Georgia, Indiana, North Dakota and Mississippi.



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