African Swine Fever Strikes Two Regions in China 

New outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) hit the world’s largest hog herd over the weekend in northwest and eastern China. 

China’s agriculture ministry reported an outbreak Sunday on a farm with 109 live pigs in Qingyang city in Gansu province in northwest China, infecting 44 of the animals and killing nine.

Officials also reported ASF in Jiangsu province in eastern China on Saturday. The Siyang county outbreak hit two farms with a total of 68,969 pigs, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing reports from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. A total of 2,452 pigs have been infected and 1,369 killed.

China, home to the world’s largest hog herd, has reported nearly 100 cases of the highly contagious disease since it was first detected in the northeast of the country in August last year, but this is the first in Gansu listed on the ministry’s website.

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