African Swine Fever Prevention

Biosecurity is the best defense to stop the spread of African swine fever. ( National Pork Board and the Pork Chedkoff )


Collaboration Boosts Swine Disease Detection
Aug 14, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
The collaboration and aggregation of diagnostic results is helping the swine industry be more responsive to endemic or foreign infectious diseases.

Biosecurity: It Takes Everyone
Aug 07, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Biosecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all mentality. You’ve got to do what works for you and your farm all while keeping the health and safety of the pigs as your number one priority, says Iowa pig farmer Jarrod Bakker.

Feed Ingredient Workshops Address African Swine Fever Threat
Aug 06, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Swine Health Information Center workshops help clarify the amount of risk posed to pork producers through imported feed ingredients.

African Swine Fever: The Fire Rages On
Aug 05, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
It’s hard to believe a year has passed since African swine fever (ASF) struck the world’s largest pig herd. Editor Jennifer Shike reflects on a year the pork industry won't forget.

From ASF to Mycotoxins: New Products May Help Pig Farmers
Jul 31, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
New products and technology are hitting the shelves that may help solve some of the challenges pig farmers are facing.

How Has the Threat of African Swine Fever Changed Biosecurity?
Jul 25, 2019 by National Pork Board
The threat of African swine fever demands razor sharp attention, says Pork Checkoff's Lisa Becton, DVM.

U.S. Representatives Urge CBP to Mitigate African Swine Fever Threat
Jul 15, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Axne and Baird call attention to rapid spread of ASF in Europe and Asia, urge CBP to prioritize efforts to prevent the introduction of this deadly virus.

Phibro Announces African Swine Fever Vaccine Progress
Jul 10, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Phibro Animal Health Corporation is pursuing patent protection following a significant advance in the ongoing development of an African swine fever vaccine.  

Pipestone Receives Grant to Combat Swine Viruses in Contaminated Feed
Jul 09, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Pipestone Applied Research received a Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research grant to test 10 commercially available mitigants to assess their ability to deactivate deadly viruses in contaminated feed.

USDA Plans Full-Function Foreign Animal Disease Exercise in September
Jun 27, 2019 by National Pork Board
In an ongoing effort to prepare the pork industry for a potential foreign animal disease, the USDA is preparing a full-function exercise in September based on a fictional outbreak of ASF and the pork industry's response.

Breaking Down Biosecurity: Youth Exhibitors Know Their Role Matters
Jun 26, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Consider these tips before you head off to the county fair.

USDA Unveils Feral Swine Eradication and Control Pilot Program
Jun 20, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
USDA is answering the call to help eradicate and control the feral swine population in the U.S. to reduce agricultural damage caused by one of the world's most invasive pests.

South Korea Completes Quarantine Measures to Keep Deadly Virus Out
Jun 18, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
South Korea’s government is erecting fences, testing pigs and patrolling border areas to help keep African swine fever (ASF) out. 

No Proof Natural Compound Prevents African Swine Fever China Says
Jun 14, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
China's ministry of agriculture said a company that claimed a natural compound was effective in preventing African swine fever virus did not have government approval to research the virus.

USDA Restricts Pork from Mongolia Due to ASF
Jun 12, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Mongolia was added to the list of regions affected with African swine fever on June 10, according the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Biosecurity Featured at The Exposition Pig Show
Jun 11, 2019 by National Pork Board
Industry panel shares importance of biosecurity with youth exhibitors.

African Swine Fever: A Threat You Can’t Ignore
Jun 07, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
African swine fever is a threat to the U.S. pork industry that Daniel Hendrickson, DVM, takes very seriously. He owns Stoney Creek Veterinary Service in Farmland, Ind., a part of Four Star Veterinary Service.

Perspectives in Progress Panel Takes a Stand on Biosecurity
Jun 07, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Before the champion barrow drive at The Exposition, the National Junior Swine Association and Team Purebred stopped the show for “Perspectives in Progress,” a panel of industry experts to discuss swine biosecurity.

Could Antivirals Help Control African Swine Fever?
May 31, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Britain’s Pirbright Institute and Belgian biotechnology company ViroVet are partnering to develop the first antiviral drugs that act against African swine fever.

African Swine Fever in China: Long Road Ahead, OIE Says
May 28, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
The World Organization for Animal Health launched a global initiative, to be coordinated with the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), to try to keep the deadly African swine fever virus in check.

China to Start ASF Vaccine Clinical Trials, Experts Share Caution
May 24, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
China is starting clinical trials for an African swine fever vaccine as the disease continues to spread through the world’s largest hog herd. But experts share caution on timeline.

Put Up Hurdles to Keep Swine Diseases Out
May 20, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
New research on viral transmission through feed provides one more safeguard for the U.S. pig herd. 

USDA Takes New Action to Prevent African Swine Fever
May 16, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
APHIS will begin testing for African swine fever as part of USDA's enhanced surveillance efforts.

Pork Producers: Are You Prepared For An Emergency?
Apr 18, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
As disease threats loom, now’s a good time to sign up for National Pork Board’s crisis text service.

African Swine Fever: 5 Facts You Need to Know
Mar. 28, 2019
Dr. Klaus Depner, DVM, a leading African swine fever (ASF) expert from Germany, says ASF can be prevented if you follow biosecurity protocols.

Know the Signs of African Swine Fever
Mar. 26, 2019
Knowing the signs and symptoms of African swine fever (ASF) is critical, USDA Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jack Shere, urges pig farmers and veterinarians. 

A Step Forward in African Swine Fever Control for Eurasian Wild Boars
Mar 20, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
First oral vaccine proves effective against genotype II ASF virus in Eurasian wild boar

New Beagle “Wade” is Off and Running at Toronto
Mar 20, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Ag K-9 “Wade” is off to a great start in his first month on the job, detecting undeclared prohibited avian and swine products in the baggage of a passenger who originated from China that resulted in a civil penalty.

USDA Continues to Prevent African Swine Fever from Entering the U.S.
Mar 19, 2019 by USDAAPHIS
Provides new resources to raise awareness of the deadly disease.

U.S. Pork Industry Responds to Feds’ Seizure of Chinese Pork
Mar 18, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
The Feds’ seizure of one million pounds of pork from China in New Jersey on Friday has the pork industry concerned but also grateful for the diligence of Customs and Border Protection teams to protect U.S. borders.

Feds Seize Million Pounds of Smuggled Chinese Pork
Mar 15, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stopped an attempt to smuggle one million pounds of pork from China to a New Jersey port on Friday, resulting in the biggest seizure of agricultural product in American history.

AgriTalk: Cooperation Critical to Keep African Swine Fever Out
Mar 13, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Cooperation between the U.S., Canada and Mexico to keep African swine fever (ASF) out of North American is critical.

USDA Takes Additional Action to Prevent African Swine Fever Spread
Mar 06, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
The USDA announced measures Wednesday to prevent the spread of African swine fever to the U.S. The risk of ASF is growing as outbreaks continue throughout China and other parts of Asia. 

Pork Task Force Prioritizes Tactics to Keep African Swine Fever Out
Feb 27, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
A newly formed task force at the National Pork Board rises to to challenge to keep African swine fever out of the U.S.

African Swine Fever Vaccine Could Take 10-20 Years to Develop
Feb 26, 2019 by AgDay TV
African Swine fever is spreading to more provinces of Vietnam. American producers remain on high alert since there is not a vaccine developed yet to stop the disease.

U.S., Canada, Mexico Unite to Stop African Swine Fever at the Borders
Feb 22, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Despite not having a signed U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement yet, the U.S., Canada and Mexico are uniting to keep African swine fever out of North America’s borders. 

Border Patrol Seizes Prohibited Animal Products
Feb 19, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture specialists rang in the Chinese Lunar Year by intercepting 23 shipments containing over 22,000 lb. of prohibited animal products from China. 

Pork Industry Hopes for the Best, Plans for the Worst
Feb 08, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Farm Journal PORK's editor Jennifer Shike says there's no greater group of minds in all of agriculture than the movers and shakers of the U.S. swine industry

Foreign Animal Disease: Preparing for the Worst
Feb 05, 2019 by Pipestone Veterinary Service
Everyone who works with pigs is likely aware of the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) across Europe and Asia. So the question becomes – what can we do to prepare our farms for potential foreign animal disease? 

Spronk Talks Farm Biosecurity at U.S.-China Swine Industry Symposium
Jan 29, 2019 by USMEF
Amid continued outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in China and Europe, U.S., Chinese and European pork industry leaders met for the seventh U.S.-China Swine Industry Symposium.

Don’t Be Burned By African Swine Fever
Jan 18, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
You can make the biggest difference in the fight against this deadly, highly transmissible disease

Going to an ASF-Positive Country? Pork Industry Says "Declare It!”
Dec 05, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
Pork industry organizations ask travelers visiting ASF-positive countries to report their experience if not diverted for secondary screening on return to U.S.

Sniffer Beagles Are America’s Best Bet Against a Deadly Pig Virus
Nov 30, 2018 by Bloomberg
They have floppy ears, waggy tails and inquisitive, wet noses -- and they are trying to protect a $23.4 billion industry from a deadly infection.

When Swine Aren't Fine: 3 Steps to Reduce Foreign Animal Disease Risk
Nov 19, 2018 by Pipestone Veterinary Service
Practice these safety protocols to prevent disease pathogen transmission to the U.S.

Beagle Brigade Steps Up to Keep Foreign Animal Disease Out
Nov 07, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Agriculture Canine (K9) teams are making headlines as threats of African swine fever hitting U.S. soil are causing alarm within the pork industry.

Beagle Brigade Protection: Agriculture’s Not-So-Secret Canine Weapons
Nov 02, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
Beagle Brigade steps up to keep foreign animal disease out

Keep ASF Vaccine News in Perspective
Oct 31, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
The toll African swine fever (ASF) is taking on pork production worldwide is alarming, to say the least. ASF continues to spread in China, though sources say we are only hearing about 10% of the cases that are occurring.

K-9 Discovers Cooked Pig in Luggage, Helps Protect U.S. Agriculture
Oct 17, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
U.S. Customs and Border Protection ag specialists and a Beagle K-9 at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport seized and destroyed a cooked pig found in checked luggage at the busiest airport in the world. 

African Swine Fever: Update On Response Planning and Surveillance
Oct 11, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
Pork producers and swine veterinarians are on the front lines of the African Swine Fever (ASF) surveillance plan.

Secure Pork Supply Helps Producers Prepare For Disease Outbreak
Oct 10, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
The Secure Pork Supply Plan is a business continuity plan available to help support business continuity in the event of a foreign animal disease, says Patrick Webb of the National Pork Board.

Biosecurity: Facing The Invisible Enemies
Oct 02, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
Producers battle invisible enemies that threaten our industry daily. From ASF to FMD, the impact of these diseases on the U.S. would be devastating. Now's the time to improve biosecurity in your operation.

Holding Time for Feedstuffs May Reduce Swine Disease Risk
Oct 09, 2018 by National Pork Board
The increasing number of disease outbreaks are spurring the U.S. pork industry’s focus and collaboration on finding new ways to help protect the domestic herd from costly foreign animal diseases (FADs).

Pork Industry Focuses on Feed Inputs to Combat African Swine Fever
Sep 05, 2018 by National Pork Board
The National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council, along with other pork industry groups, urge pig farmers to ask questions of feed suppliers to help keep African Swine Fever out of the U.S.