African Swine Fever Kills 21 Wild Boar in Poland

( Valentin Panzirsch )

An outbreak of African Swine Fever has killed 21 wild boar in Poland, near the German border, according to the agriculture minister, the Associated Press reports.

Officials have added 34 miles of fencing to a previously installed 48-mile fence; local hunters have been instructed to kill all wild boar near the town of Zielona Gora; and army soldiers were searching forests in search of dead animals, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, the agriculture minister, said.

The fence’s goal is to protect swine farms in the neighboring province near the city of Poznan, the AP reports. Ardanowski says the disease has not been found in livestock to date, but more than 2,000 boar have been sickened or killed by the disease this year, most in the region that borders Ukraine.

Earlier this year, according to the AP, hunters killed 270,000 wild boar in eastern Poland in an effort to keep the disease from spreading, much to the outrage of animal rights groups. It was thought to be largely successful until cases were discovered in the western part of the county last month.