7 Tips to Help You In Tough Times

Rhonda Brooks ( Lindsey Pound )

I don’t need to read another story about how tough times are. Instead, I’m focused on finding and using ideas, tips and strategies that can help me turn lemon days into lemonade. I thought I’d share a few that work for me with the hope that at least one of them might be something you can use as well.

  1. Set goals you know you can achieve. First on my list each morning is make the bed. YouTube the speech by U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven on why this one practice could change your world.
  2. Identify what gives you hope. My faith gives me hope. I can deal with a lot of junk day-to-day because of it. What gives you hope? Take some time to figure it out, if you don’t know and put that front and center in your mind when you’re going through a tough time.
  3. Stay connected to people who love you. People who care about you can help sustain you when tough times come knocking. If you haven’t been investing in your relationships, change that now. Pick up your phone and call a long-lost friend or relative.
  4. Set healthy boundaries. You have to take care of you to be able to take care of others, your animals and the various curve balls life throws your direction. Sometimes that means stepping back from an activity or relationship that’s counterproductive.
  5. Accentuate the positives. I want to be happy; most people do. This works: Act upon the things you know that are good, useful and positive and your feelings will follow suit.
  6. Give yourself extra helpings of grace. My impression is that most of us don’t do this well. Practice being kind to yourself in the same way you extend it to others. You deserve it.
  7. Laugh every day. Laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects you from stress. Plus, it’s free. It truly is the best medicine.

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