7 Gifts Your Pig Farmer Will Love

What's on your Christmas list? ( PORK )

Updated 12/2019

Is it a Christmas gift, or a business expense? It seems many of us involved in agriculture ask that question every year. But whether it's work gloves, warm socks or tools—when you work 24/7 these farmer gifts can make our day all year long. So here's seven gifts any hog farmer would like to see under the tree:  

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pressure washer

1. A High-Temperature Pressure Washer

Tools are usually a Black Friday steal—but your hog farmer might have his sights set a little hotter this year. A heated pressure washer might be classified as a business expense but it’s one that will gift you with faster cleaning times and better biosecurity. There are many models and capacity options to choose from. Here’s one option from Amazon that would work!     

bacon t

2. Bacon Scented T-Shirt via BaconShirt.com

BaconShirt.com sells graphic t-shirts infused with a bacon scent that lasts through a few washes. They even come packaged like bacon. Who wouldn't want to spend the day perfumed with their favorite breakfast meat? We just can't promise it won't make you hungry. 


3. Real Pig Farming T-shirt $10 in the Pork Checkoff store

We know every farmer is a super hero and now the world needs to know too!  Tell the best part of our industry—we make bacon! We’ll leave it to you to add the super hero cape!


4. Muck boots, via Tractor Supply

It’s a necessity but everyone wants warm, dry feet during the winter—make sure your farmer has a good pair of insulated rubber boots! A necessity for the whole family.

Bacon soap

5. Bacon soap, via Amazon.com

This fun soap looks and smells like bacon, and comes in a fun tin. Perfect for the bacon lover in your life.

pig sweater


6. Pig Sweater $22.99 on Etsy

Who really wants a Hippopotamus for Christmas, when you have a piggy every day of the year?! Get ready for the Ugly Sweater Christmas party—it’ll be a snortin’ good time! 

bacon wrapping paper

7. Bacon Wrapping Paper $4.35 for 20 sheets

Everyone loves something wrapped in bacon! And now you can order your own bacon wrapping paper. For $4.35 a roll, it’s almost as good as bacon-wrapped smokies—okay maybe not quite. But it’s fun! 


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