6500 Pigs Killed in Fire on Iowa Farm

A fire at a facility owned by Christensen Family Farms in Dolliver, Iowa, killed 2,500 sows and 4,000 piglets, reported WOWT News in mid-December. Damage was estimated at $10 million.

According to the news article the fire was reported around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning, Dec. 14. When firefighters arrived, the center barn was completely engulfed. Fire crews were on the scene for more than six hours.

“After trying to put the fire down, crews had to back off to a more defensive position to protect the surrounding land,” the news report said. “When the buildings all collapsed firefighters were able to put the flames out.”

Three hog buildings on the farm were a total loss and housed an estimated 2,500 sows and 4,000 piglets, the report said. At the time of the occurrence, the cause of the fire was unknown.