3 Stories to Improve Your Workplace Atmosphere

Management is not easy, especially these days when it takes more than luck to develop and retain a highly motivated workforce. Good managers discover how their actions influence employees, don’t look for the easy way out and put thought into what they do each day. Reflect back on these stories from Farm Journal PORK’s Career Track to find tips to help improve your workplace atmosphere.

1. Combat HR Challenges in Agriculture

Agricultural employers’ most concerning human resource matter is competing for and recruiting the right people for their workforce. This trend of recruitment difficulties emerged in the most recent AgCareers.com Agribusiness HR Review, as employers hinted at their top challenges, such as applicants without the necessary skills or experience, and a lower number of applicants.  In addition, recruitment difficulties were noted as the second most common factor affecting workforce planning, behind voluntary turnover. Read more.

2. HR Planning: 4 Steps to Identify Workplace Needs
Strategic HR planning is required when implementing operational plans and goals for an organization. The purpose of this HR planning is to determine if an organization has the right people, with the right skills, at the right time. Any plan to determine workplace needs and a strategy to support organizational goals consists for a few steps: assessment, forecasting, HR gap analysis and strategies. Read more.

3. Are You Scaring Job Candidates Away?

If you’re on the search for the best talent to join your organization, you certainly want to create a welcoming environment. But is it possible that your organization’s recruiting behavior and reputation is actually discouraging job seekers from applying? What deters candidates from a potential employer? In the 2018 Candidate Experience Survey, we found that recruiting top talent depends heavily on the candidate experience – how the job seeker is treated throughout the hiring cycle. Read more.

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