3 Consumer Connection Stories You Don’t Want to Miss

Animal rights extremists want to take meat, poultry, milk and eggs off of everyone’s plate. Hannah Thompson-Weeman, vice president of communications for Animal Agriculture Alliance, is the voice of Consumer Connection in Farm Journal’s PORK. Her columns inform readers about the latest strategies and tactics these animal rights groups are using (protests, trespassing, stealing animals, stopping trucks, etc.) so that you can hopefully avoid being targeted. Here are three stories you don’t want to miss from 2018!

1. Stuff Animal Rights Activists Say: 2018 Edition
Hannah Thompson-Weeman shares the most concerning, telling and outlandish statements made at the 2018 Animal Rights National Conference. She believes it is critical for all of us in animal agriculture to understand what strategies and tactics will be used against us next. Here’s an example. "You don't even have to be an expert or tell the truth to make change,” says Barbara Gates of Lean Green Kids. Read more.

2. Animal Ag Can Learn Lessons from Fur Industry
“We’re all in this together,” says Hannah Thompson-Weeman. If your business and livelihood involves using animals to benefit humans in any way, you are being targeted (or will be in the future) by animal rights extremists. Learn a lesson from the fur industry. Hannah shares a story about a victim who suffered an attack on their mink farm that resulted in more than $1 million in monetary losses for their family after activists released more than 11,000 mink from his family’s farm. More than 2,000 were lost or dead within 10 days and two decades of breeding records were destroyed in the attack. Read more

3. ‘Meating’ Season: Prepare for Activists at Events
Winter in agriculture means one thing: it’s meeting season (or “meating” in animal agriculture! Farmers aren’t the only ones looking for events to attend – animal rights activist groups are known to target agricultural fairs, exhibitions and conferences with protests. Whether you’re part of planning an event this winter or will be attending one, Thompson-Weeman shares steps to prevent activist activity and respond appropriately if anything does happen. Read more.