2019 Livestock Outlooks: Trade, Supplies and Demand Need to Align

Exports will play a large part of the profitability picture in 2019. ( Lori Hays )

The editors at AgWeb.com are looking at experts’ projections for a variety of commodities in 2019 to help you succeed and be profitable in the coming year. Here’s a look at what analysts are expecting for the upcoming year in the protein segments.


2019 Cattle Prices: Flat, Analysts Say, But Supported By Demand

Cattle markets that have outperformed expectations have bewildered cowboys and economists alike the past two years. Even as beef supplies have grown to near-record levels, resilient consumer demand has helped support cattle prices at levels few imagined 24 months ago. Supplies of beef are likely to reach a peak for this cattle cycle during 2019, as economists say expansion is near its end. Read more.


Dairy Outlook: Milk Price Recovery Will Be Here, Eventually

As the picture gets painted for the 2019 dairy forecast, the second half of the year will likely be when producers start to see price recovery. Futures prices indicate that price relief is indeed about six months away. Supply will continue to hold down price improvement until something dramatic happens in the marketplace. Read more.


2019 Pork Outlook: Trade Optimism and Runaway Supply

U.S. pork producers’ returns are more dependent on international markets than ever before and there is reason for producers to be optimistic. Despite Chinese and Mexican tariffs pulling the industry down, export growth to a host of other markets, has been nothing short of spectacular this year. African swine fever (ASF) remains a double-edged sword in animal health and trade aspects. If trade with China resumes, that country’s production constraints due to ASF could result in China coming back to the U.S. pork in a big way. Read more.