2018 World Pork Expo Interview Gives Insight on PMI’s Feed Additives

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Farm Journal Media’s Pam Fretwell visits with PMI General Manager Adam DeRosier at the 2018 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

DeRosier gives an overview of PMI, a feed additive company, and discusses the company’s comprehensive, innovative approach across species, components and geographies. In order for producers to be successful and competitive in the future, PMI understands that the livestock industry needs new performance options that don’t yet exist. The interview also discusses PMI’s ongoing research focused on delivering the most advanced feed additives and technologies. DeRosier provides further information on a few of PMI’s swine feed additives, Ambitine Feed Technology and OutPaceFeed Technology.

For more information about PMI, visit https://www.pmiadditives.com/.

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