122nd U.S. Animal Health Association Meeting Kicks Off

United States Animal Health Association
( United States Animal Health Association )

The United States Animal Health Association (USAHA), the nation's animal health forum for over a century, is holding its 122nd annual meeting in Kansas City, Mo., from Oct. 18-24. It is held in conjunction with the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD).

More than 1,200 people are registered for the joint meeting, and several keynote speakers are featured, including Dr. Monique Eloit, Director General of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), who spoke on Saturday evening. 

Gregory Ibach USDA Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP), is a featured speaker at the plenary session on Monday morning. He will discuss the 2018 Farm Bill, traceability and African Swine Fever. Following Ibach’s presentation, an interesting session on “Biosecurity and Espionage” will be held, featuring talks on protecting the food and agriculture sector, and bioterrorism responses to farm biosecurity.

Chief Agricultural Trade Negotiator Gregg Doud will speak on a panel during the committee meeting on Global Animal Health and Trade on Tuesday morning. The panel will speak on current U.S. discussions and negotiations on global trade and their impact on U.S. livestock production and exports. 

The program hosts at least 30 different committee and subcommittee meetings with hundreds of experts speaking throughout the seven-day annual event. USAHA's mission is implemented through these multiple science-based committees and the adoption of resolutions and recommendations aimed at solving animal health problems. 

The organization’s prime objective is to prevent, control and eliminate livestock diseases that cost ranchers, farmers and consumers approximately $1 billion per year.

USAHA is a science-based, non-profit, voluntary organization. Its 1,100 members are state and federal animal health officials, national allied organizations, regional representatives, and individual members. USAHA works with state and federal governments, universities, veterinarians, livestock producers, national livestock and poultry organizations, research scientists, the extension service and several foreign countries to control livestock diseases in the United States. USAHA represents all 50 states, 4 foreign countries and 34 allied groups serving health, technical and consumer markets.

USAHA is administered and its policy determined by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. 
Formed in 1897 as the Interstate Association of Livestock Sanitary Boards, the organization had fewer than 100 members and was concerned with one disease affecting cattle--Texas cattle fever. State, federal and industry collaborators formed USAHA in 1897 to assure the interstate shipment of healthy animals and to develop plans to prevent and eradicate animal disease. Today the need remains the same with increased international animal health and world trade responsibilities.

USAHA has met annually since its founding and produces a published proceedings of each meeting. The proceedings represent the most complete history of the nation's animal health endeavors over the past century.