10 Tips for Finding Allstar Employees

What is the most concerning human resource matter for agribusinesses? Competing for talent. ( AgWeb )

What is the most concerning human resource matter for agribusinesses? Competing for talent. That's according to the latest edition of the Agribusiness HR Review by AgCareers.com.

With unemployment in the U.S. at 4%, the job market is extremely competitive. You want to hire STARs, says Mel Kleiman, president of Humetrics, a human resource consulting firm. STARs are self-motivated, trainable, accountable and responsible. 

How can you recruit and hire the best employees for your company? Kleiman offers hiring hints. 

  1. Develop your UEP (unique employment proposition). What are the reasons a STAR employee would want to work for your organization?
  2. Don’t go shopping for employees without a list. Make sure you cover all the bases: capacities (physical and mental), attitudes (responsible, self-motivated, etc.), personality (funny or serious, extrovert or shy, etc.) and any required skills. (Keep in mind it’s always smarter to hire for attitudes and train for skills.)
  3. Look for and recruit employees even when you don’t need them. “If you only recruit when you have a need, anyone with a pulse and reliable transportation will look good to you,” Kleinman says.
  4. Don’t recruit only from the pool of people looking for jobs. Go after people who are working and looking for better jobs. It is actually a bigger and better place to fish, he says.
  5. Make your jobs easy to apply for, but, more importantly, make them hard to get.
  6. Act quickly and make potential employees feel important. The best candidates always have options.
  7. Let only your A-players conduct interviews and make sure they’ve been trained in best practice interview techniques. “Many applicants talk a great game in the interview, but that's the least reliable indicator the person will be a great employee,” he says.
  8. Remember everything you do in the hiring process is a test and testing is the most reliable predictors of success.
  9. Make the winners feel like winners.
  10. Tell them why you want to hire them and all the ground rules. “It’s up to you to create a culture of accountability and let them know why you would fire them too,” he says.

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