10 Quotes to Remember from Iowa Pork Congress

( Iowa Pork Producers Association )

From great reminders about ventilation to a thought-provoking conversation about alternatives to antibiotics, attendees at the 2020 Iowa Pork Congress had many opportunities had many opportunities to take in knowledge and information to help their farms improve in the years ahead. 

An inspiring line-up of speakers challenged producers to take a good look at their current practices and continually find ways to make their product better for the consumer.

Here’s a quick look at what some of the speakers had to say at Iowa Pork Congress.

Peter Schneider

“Pig well-being is top priority regardless of what production system we are working in and we need to make sure we are making the right decisions.” – Peter Schneider in “Alternatives to Antibiotics”

“When people ask me if life with African swine fever is possible or not, I say it’s absolutely possible, but you have to do several things to make it happen.” – Ilia Zubtsov, PIC technical consultant in Russia in “Foreign Experience with ASF”

“To mitigate risk, the best thing you can do is cooperate with the biosecurity protocols, cooperate with keeping your barns locked, and those sort of things. There isn’t a 'we' and 'us' in the swine industry. If we get ASF, we’re all ‘we.’ Be mindful of that and do the basic things every day, that was the main experience we had.” – Heidi Vittetoe, Iowa pork producer, in “Producer Experience from the ASF Functional Exercise”

Ray Forrester
“Don’t underestimate the value of a dry environment for newly placed pigs. Don’t underestimate the value it brings you for pig health. If you walk in a barn that’s full of ammonia, you all know it’s not right. Just don’t underestimate the value of humidity control,” – Ray Forrester, Smithfield, in “Calling All Fans of Good Ventilation”

“They are pushing down and trying to dismantle us.” – Andy Curliss, North Carolina Pork Council CEO, in “When Reptiles Invade”  

Whitney Lincoln

“It is more than placing healthy pigs in the less-dense areas. It is in the details that make success.” – Whitney Lincoln, Smithfield, in “Alternatives to Antibiotics”

“Don’t just give hams to the neighbors who are nice to you, give them to the ones who aren’t happy with you, too.” – Drew Mogler, IPPA policy director, in “Coffee Chat with Eldon – A Nuisance Case Discussion”

ASF panel

“As you think about your biosecurity response plan, keep in mind physical security of your facilities as well.” – Gary Flory, Virginia Dept of Environmental Quality, in “Foreign Experience with ASF”

“The best nuisance case is the one you can avoid,” – Eldon McAfee, attorney with Brick Gentry P.C., in “Coffee Chat with Eldon – A Nuisance Case Discussion”

Doug Owens

"When it comes to ventilation, there’s no substitute for paying attention to what your pigs are telling you."  – Doug Owens, New Fashion Pork, in “Calling All Fans of Good Ventilation”

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